Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 4:44 pm  


The APS Webclock is a web based time and attendance solution that is available to clients of APS (Accurate Payroll Solutions, Inc.)


This system can track the time and attendance of your hourly employees plus include reporting of your salary employees, furthermore it has an integrated time off calendar where employees can request specific days for time off and that request is sent to the Timeclock administer for approval. Upon approval or rejection of the request the employee is notified via email. The WebCalendar synchronizes with the Timeclock so that all approved time off requests flow into the Timeclock. If you choose not to use the WebCalendar functionality you can still manually add the time off to the employees record through the Webclock. We have also created a Dot Board on the main screen of the Timeclock so that you can easily see the status of all employees, whether they are clocked in, out or on break.


The WebCalendar also functions as an employee email notification system to notify employees of upcoming holidays, meetings, company events or whatever else you can think of, it is completely customizable. The administrator of the WebCalendar will be able to see all of the employees calendars on one page so that the administrator knows who has already requested and been approved for time off.


The APS Webclock administrator has the ability to add extra pay for bonuses, commissions, etc and deductions such as pay advance, employee loan, etc to each employees pay record. Upon completion of the pay cycle you can generate a payroll report that integrates directly into our payroll system. The administrator also has the option of storing employee documents into a specific online folder for each employee. These folders can contain employee applications, performance reviews, disciplinary notices and any other HR documentation that pertains to an employee, it essentially becomes an all inclusive time and attendance and HR system.


We have also created a web links system that gives you instant access to your company's benefits portal, employee handbook, safety program and required employment posters.


You can log in to our demo site and check out the full functionality of this amazing program, simply use the log in credentials below.


Administrator ID : admin

Report Admin ID : admin

Password for both : 1234


All of the employees in the demo environment will have a password of 1234 as to make it simple to test the system.


If you are interested in utilizing this system and having APS handle your payroll, workers compensation and employee benefit services please give us a call at 813-239-3082 or send us an email at